Back to Basics Craft

I have a love hate relationship with crafts.  I love crafts that are cute and useful.  I hate crafts that don’t serve any real purpose. They become clutter and I’m not a lover of clutter.  I actually have made and blogged about crafts that fit the latter category (here and here).  And don’t get me wrong, they are very fun to make and my kids enjoy making them, but I’m not a fan personally.  Today, I’m going to share a craft the fits the former category (cute and useful, unless I’m confusing latter and former again).

finished bow


I made these hair bows for my daughters softball team.  The girls were so excited about them. They match their team jersey, black and white and I added some silver to up the bling factor.  Some of the mom’s asked, “Where did you get those?” and when I answered that I MADE them, well, let me tell you, they were PRETTY impressed with my skills.  Or they may have thought I was a little insane for making 15 matching hair bows.  I’m not really sure.

Anyhooooo…  Here is the tutorial.  Hold on to your hats.  If you blink, you might miss the, umm, three steps it takes to make these.

First, the supplies:



1 Hair elastic

Several (4 or 5) rolls of various 5/8″  ribbon of your choosing


Step 1

Cut the ribbon to about 8 inches in length.  You can eyeball this and, you may like it longer or shorter.  Play around with it.

Step 2

Tie the ribbon around the elastic so that the ribbon has equal length on either side of the elastic.


Step 3

Repeat step 2 about 12-15 more times, adding a piece of ribbon next to the previous.



How’s that for easy? And that is a very functional and adorable elastic for your daughter.  The color choices are endless (have you seen the ribbon section at Michael’s?).  Your daughter could have a customized bow for every outfit!  Or, in my case, the softball team can look super cool with matching hair bows.  Thankfully, they are only in 4th and 5th grade and haven’t figured that mom’s aren’t cool.

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