What I Made This Week

My poor computer is sick with a virus!  I’m typing this at work.  Shhhh…. It’s my lunch time, so this will be short and sweet.

I want to share with you my “go to” low carb lunch.



Low Carb Ham & Turkey Roll Ups 


4 pieces Sliced Deli Ham

4 pieces Sliced Turkey

Tzatziki Sauce (or other condiment of your liking)

Pre-packaged Slaw

1.  Lay our your turkey and ham slices (I use the little slices, so I lay them end to end to make one longer wrap)

2.  Slather the ham and turkey in tzatziki (ok, maybe like a 1 T of it)

3.  Top with a handful of slaw

4.  Roll it up and enjoy!

I ate mine today with a side of raw carrots and another heaping mound of tzatziki.  If you aren’t eating tzatziki sauce on everything, you need to.  It is so good and so not bad for you.

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