It Doesn’t Corner Well

(Note – If you don’t care about blogger talk, skip this paragraph.  There is an epic fail following it, so bear with me!  We all love a good fail, right?)

I have exciting news!  When I (re) started this blog almost 6 months ago, I made a random goal of having 50 WordPress followers and 100 Pinterest followers by June 1st.  Well, I have achieved that goal 11 days early!  I know those numbers are very meager.  But, I’ve built them pretty much from scratch because I do keep this blog “undercover”. There are only a handful of people that I see or speak to on a daily basis in real life that even know I do this, so everyone that has chosen to follow me has done so completely of their own volition with no feeling of obligation because they are related to me.  And do not think for a minute that that means I think there is something wrong with reaching out to friends and family as a way of networking.  I’ve chosen to do it this way because I wanted to feel like I was really committed, for one thing, and I wanted a little bit of outside validation, too.  I am soon planning to upgrade to a site and I would love to some day make some money from this little hobby, too!  So,  when the time comes, I will most definitely be hitting up every blood relative I have for some blog love.  I have in the meantime set a new goal for myself of 75 WordPress followers and 200 Pinterest followers by September 1st.

Ok, on to the epic fail.  Sometimes the after pictures are almost worse than the before pictures.  Here is the large ’80s mirror I nabbed at the yardie this weekend in all of it’s “before” glory:



Not really attractive, but not mangled.  Yet.  I found this lovely decoupaged mirror on My Clever Nest:

quick mirror makeover using napkins



So, pretty, right?  Made out of Target napkins!  Come on!  I love it.  I figured I could totally do that!  How quickly I had already forgotten my previous Mod Podge fail (and when I say Mod Podge fail, I do not intend to imply that Mod Podge failed me in any way.  It was completely my failure).  Here is my after:



Let’s start with some positives.  I do LOVE the green with the gold and I love the whimsy that the polka dot adds to the very traditional, brass ensconced mirror.  And, that would be all of the positives.  The paper is a smidge wrinkly, but I can live with that.  From a distance it sort of almost looks like wood grain.  The big problem, though, is the corners.

corner1          corner2 corner3

They are SO, SO bad.  How did I not learn my lesson and read a dang tutorial before I attempted this??  Like, maybe this one from Plaid Online, or this one from Mod Podge Rocks Blog.  I’m pledging to redo this project.  At first, I was going to remove the paper and just spray paint it a kelly green and call it day.  But, that would be giving in to my own ignorance.  I’m going to read those tutorials and I am going to re-podge that mirror until it is worthy of its eventual home atop my mantel.  Promise!  Hold me to it.




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