Top Ten Summer Accessories

Summer, in my opinion, is the first place winner for all around best season.  It’s pretty, it’s warm, it’s lazy in a good way.  You feel like you’re on vacation even when you are in your own backyard.  You don’t have to put kids on a bus.  You don’t have to put a coat on a kid and you can even get away without putting shoes on the kids, occasionally.  To celebrate the unofficial start of summer that is sneaking up on is quickly, here is my Top Ten List of Summer Accessories.  (Click the pics for links to shop!)

Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50+ - 8 oz

1.  You MUST have a good sunscreen on hand at all times.  I always buy the two pack so that I can keep one in the car so that I’m ready for any impromptu field trips.

Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse


2.  Just because you’re lathering yourself in sunscreen doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous tan.  This stuff WORKS people.  I have tried it.  I have had friends try it and it is an all around winner.  It is not expensive (12.99 at Sally’s) and you will not believe the gorgeous color it gives.  And it doesn’t smell.  Go buy this now.

Women's 1-Piece Swimsuit -Assorted Colors

3.  Now that you’ve got your fake tan glow, you can strut your stuff in this adorable bathing suit.  This looks like it would be flattering and I love a halter for the adjustable support it gives.  The color on this would be flattering on any skin tone, fake tan or not.

Product Detail | H&M US


4.  A nice lightweight sweatshirt for chilly evenings by the water is a must.  This one looks super cozy and beachy.  It’s begging to be worn while toasting marshmallows at a fire pit by the lake.

Product Detail | H&M US


5.  There’s no reason you can’t lug your beach stuff around in style.  Throw a couple of sand shovels, an insulated bag of waters and snacks, your sunscreen and a couple of lightweight towels in here and your good for a quick visit to the beach or pool.

Product Detail | H&M US

6.  A cute pair of flip flops can go a long way in the summer.  These are a tiny step up from the plastic ones so they can go from beach to waterside restaurant with ease.

Blue Hair Tie Set | Loft

7.  I love these hair ties from The Loft.  They’d work as a head band or slightly chic-er ponytail holder.  I am this close to having a pony tail again, so I may snag these for summer.

Long Fringed Blue Pendant Necklace | Loft

8.  There’s something about summer that calls for slightly off beat jewelry.  I’m not sure if this is gorgeous or a hairy eyeball.

Merona® Striped Floppy Hat - Navy/Tan

9.  A nice big hat will cover a multitude of beach hair sins.  Because not all of us get those gorgeous, Giselle-like, salty waves after a day at the beach.

Product Detail | H&M US

10.  A great beach cover up will make you look polished even when you have sand in places where sand should never, ever be.

There’s my list!  What’s on your list of summer must haves?

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