What I Made This Week

I cooked up (well, mixed, really) some Pinterest inspired cleaning antidotes this weekend.  I pinned a bunch that I have been meaning to try and I’m pretty happy with the results, even though they weren’t all successful.

The first one I tried is a shower/bathtub cleaner.  It had rave reviews on Pinterest, but I was skeptical because my tub REALLY needed a good cleaning.  My usual drill is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with whatever soap I have on hand and I’m never happy with the results.The ingredients are simple, equal parts dish soap and warmed white vinegar (I accidently chucked my empty bottle of white vinegar before I took the pic. I think the apple cider vinegar would work just the same and might possibly smell better).  I put it in a spray bottle and coated the tub and shower surround really well.  I left it for about an hour.  I think the dish soap helps it stick to the sides of the shower so that it doesn’t just drip down the walls.  When I came back with the sponge, I found that I didn’t even really need the sponge.  Every speck of dirt that was on the bottom of the tub rinsed off.  With barely any scrubbing.  I was beyond amazed. This one really works and I highly recommend it. The sides and walls of the shower will need a few more applications, but this is one you HAVE to try.


I also had success with a weed killer recipe I found on Pinterest.  This one called for white vinegar, salt and dish soap.  When I had finished with the tub cleaner, I added a lot more vinegar and a few tablespoons of salt and shook it up.  Here’s a before and after of the weeds.


I took these pictures about 6 hours apart.  The weeds went from thriving green to a pale, almost white, dried out look.  Pretty impressive.  This one is a keeper!

I did try two Pinterest remedies that didn’t work so well.  I saw somewhere on Pinterest that Febreze kills ants on contact.  So not true. (UPDATE!!! CLICK HERE!!! I did a slightly scientific test and got different results!) Sadly.  Also, I didn’t have any luck removing stains from my rug with a mixture of vinegar, dish soap and baking soda.  I was pretty bummed about that one.  I think it’s because the rug is a very short pile, sort of an indoor/outdoor type.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for another concoction for that.

I’d love to hear what cleaning tips you’ve tried that work!

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