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Today, I have for you, two home made concoctions.  One is for eating, one is for giving.  Let’s feed our souls, first, shall we?

Today, someone dear to our family is in the hospital.  The only time I’ve ever spent time in the hospital was to have my kids.  Even though I was there for a wonderful occasion, I still remember being scared and uncomfortable in the hospital.  I decided to put together a little bag of home comforts for what will hopefully be a short hospital stay.


I included a magazine, a search a word, some crayons and paper (no, this is not for a child, she just likes to color, don’t judge :-)), a picture of two of her favorite people, some lotion, lip balm, cleansing wipes and a pretty water glass.  And a card, of course. I got a card from the inspirational section, instead of the get well section.  It says something to the effect of, take a deep breath and we’re wishing you tranquility.  I thought it was more fitting for someone who is at the beginning of the road, rather than at the get well stage.

Ok, on to the food portion of today’s post.  I made homemade granola bars! I sort of followed this recipe from How Sweet it Is.  The basic granola recipe is just five healthy ingredients and then you can add in your favorite granola flavors.  I added dark chocolate chips, almonds and craisins to mine.  I’ve never made a granola bar before, but I know now that I didn’t add enough melted peanut butter to my batter because I got granola instead of granola bars.  But, I don’t even mind.  These are delicious!  I’ll be munching on this all week.  My husband will love the peanut butteriness, my son will love the sweetness and I think I can at least get my daughter to try it, although she’s not a sweets fan.  Definitely check out the recipe.  These were really easy and quick to put together (don’t worry about melting the peanut butter, it took like less than a minute to melt).  I’m definitely going to try these again and add more melted peanut butter so that I can see how they are in bar form!


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