If It’s Free It’s for Me

This is an ode to my father my in law. I was walking my non-sick child (I don’t even remember which one it was that day.  We are passing a stomach bug around the house and it’s been a bit miserable.  My poor son got it twice!) and my neighbors had a stainless steel grill sitting at the end of the driveway that had a cardboard sign on it that said two things:


I don’t care if I win the lottery tomorrow, I will never walk away from a $350 machine that is free and works.  Who would? Not many people, I’ll tell you, which is why I immediately started frantically calling my husband to get down the street and haul the thing home! Is it a little embarrassing to take something from your neighbors driveway?  A smidge.  But we got over it. Plus, no one was home, so the shame is not shared.

When we got it home, I got a closer look and it had a couple of dings, but mostly just needed a good cleaning:


Remember this stuff from my mod podge removal test?

Glass Cleaner Mod Podge Removal

I decided to use it for this project because it is foamy and it would stick to the angles of the grill.  It worked like a charm!


And since I was outside, I snapped a couple of pictures in my lame garden.  It needs some serious help, but there are a couple of picture worthy things:


Ok, why is the ground in focus, but the flowers out of focus?  Any tips?


Am I finally going to get some hydrangea blooms this year?  And I like this picture much better than the previous.

hellocasualnsunshine -392-72