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What I Saw on My Walk

I’ve found, for the moment, a way to motivate myself to exercise.  I’ve been taking walks in one of the neighborhoods in town with beautiful homes.  It’s a 2 mile walk from my house and back, so it’s not my neighborhood.  I don’t want you thinking I’m rolling in the mommy blogger dough.  I love gawking at the homes and the landscaping.  I try to be cool about it, but it’s hard.  Luckily, there’s never anyone outside when I’m walking.  It’s a little weird actually.  There’s no kids running around, no ladies gardening.  It was actually so quiet tonight that a few hundred yards in front of me a huge deer boldly crossed the street and started munching leaves in front of one of the houses.

There are three houses that caught my eye tonight.  The deer must have given me some boldness, because I whipped out my cell phone and took some pics.  That’s totally weird, isn’t it? I kept replaying in my mind the scene where the home owner comes out and yells at me and tries to take my camera away like Kanye.  It didn’t happen.  I haven’t decided whether or not I’m disappointed about that.  I’ve got a pretty good self righteous speech lined up about living in a free country.

Anyway, here’s the first one:


I love the symmetry of this colonial.  It’s so well kept and the landscaping is mature.  The entry is my favorite.  I’ve got a close up and the picture is a bit blurry, which makes it seem more like I’m an undercover paparazzo:


First, I love the basket shaped topiaries.  And the whole entry is great.  I would like to sit in one of those adirondacks and watch a storm beneath the little portico.  Also, I have a whole new respect for a stained instead of painted door.

farmers porch

This house is arguably the most beautiful in our town. It’s a bit of bad luck that on the day I convinced myself to take a picture of it they have a piece of plywood in that beautiful front window, but, you can still see that this is just gorgeous.  It’s on such a pretty piece of land with that big sky behind it.  It’s grand, but it’s not overwhelming.  It doesn’t feel like it’s not a family home.  That porch looks like a place I could spend an hour or four.

stone house


While the farmers porch house might have a more universal appeal, this house is my favorite.  I’m a sucker for a stone facade.  This house is tucked away beneath some trees and looks so peaceful and English countryside-esque.  And don’t be fooled by the cottage look, this is a big house inside.  The entry here is so perfect.  Again there are the stained doors and the brass details are so refined.  If I could pick one house, I think this would be it.  Although there is one other house in town that rivals it.  Maybe I’ll stroll by there some night.  Here’s a close up of the entry.  Again, think paparrazzi, not blurry:

stone house closeup


I could come home to that every day.

What I Saw Along My Walk

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  • HomeforNow | June 19, 2014 | Reply

    Gorgeous! And I’m totally LOLing imagining you as undercover paparazzi!

    • anonymous | June 19, 2014 | Reply

      Me too. I’m such a dork. I’m surprised no one called the police!

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