My Homey Gallery Wall

I’m having mixed emotions about this post.  I worked on the gallery wall tonight and I’m very happy with how it looks in person, but not thrilled with the pictures I took.  Ugh.  Oh well.  It’s the live and in person that counts, right?  Here it is:

Gallery Wall 4It evolved from my practice layout that I did on a sheet on our front lawn:

Photo Collage Assembled

This layout didn’t work with the chaise lounges, so I switched it up a little on the fly.  I also didn’t get to hang the little wooden shelf because, well, I broke it.  Yup, totally busted it trying to hang it.  I definitely do want to incorporate a shelf, though, so that’s still to come.  And, obviously, I need to fill the empty frames.

I’m happiest with the tapestry, I think.  And the little wooden animal art thingies I made are pretty cute.  But what could be better than those adorable faces up there?  All in all, it’s a good start.  I can say this about the gallery wall.  It sort of gives that corner an instant lived in feel.  Even though we’ve been here for seven years, it never really felt homey in here.  This gives the room that feeling. And that makes me happy.  Pinterest worthy pictures or not!

Gallery Wall 4

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