What I Made this Week – Parmesan Zucchini Snacks

First, an update from last week’s post with the Low Carb, Paleo-ish Menu Plan.  I lost 4 lbs! And then I gained one because I cheated and ate some fried dough at the Drive In and some  ice cream cake for my father-in-laws birthday.  Oh, and I had fried clams.  Oops.  But, hey I still lost 3, right?

Tonight, I tried a recipe I pinned a while back and have been wanting to try.  When I was gifted this zucchini, I knew it was time:


You can find the recipe here on a great blog called  The Dinner-Mom.  I still have tons of zucchini left over and she’s got some other interesting recipes that call for it.  Including zucchini brownies.

So here’s what mine looked like fresh out of the oven:

Out of the Oven

Mmm, yummy, right??  But, let them chill for a few minutes before you put them on a plate.  Then they will be cooled a little and a bit crispy:

Low Carb Parmesan Zuchini Snacks

These were very tasty.  I would like to try this again with cheddar cheese.  The parmesan cheese is a rich flavor and you can have one or two and get a savory, salty fix.

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