Mini Yarn Pumpkin – Craft Tutorial

I was so inspired by this adorable yarn pumpkin garland from Design Improvised that I just had to try them myself!  She has a great tutorial, so check out it!  I ended up just making stand alone pumpkins because I don’t have a great place to hang garland, but I like having the option of displaying them in different ways, as you’ll see below.

Mini Yarn Pumpkins 3

Here’s what you need to make your own pumpkins:

Materials for Yarn Pumpkins

  • Orange Yarn
  • Green ribbon or pipe cleaner
  • Scissors

How To:

1.  Start making a medium-ish (four finger) pom pom (instructions for that here).

2.  Once you’ve wrapped the string around your fingers about 100 times, tie it off and fluff it into a pumpkin shape.  Don’t cut into the yarn loops, unless you want pom pom style pumpkins.

3.  Attach a bit of the green ribbon and curl with scissors for the stem.

I made a bunch of them in about 20 minutes and the cost is minimal. I got the yarn for less than $3 and I had the ribbon on hand.  Totally adorable and kids will love making these!  I’ve done a similar craft with my Girl Scout Troop and they loved it.

Mini Yarn Pumpkins 1

Mini Yarn Pumpkins 2

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