The Write Thirty One Days Challenge

I remember last year reading on the The Nesting Place about the Write Thirty One Days Challenge.  I thought it was a cool idea last year and then when I saw reminders about it again this year, I thought, it would be a great challenge, but I really didn’t give it much thought.  Then, I read a post from a fellow late night blogger, Michelle at Home For Now about how she was accepting the challenge and that she would be writing about having a beautiful, purposeful and functional home and for some reason, that grabbed me.  I want those three things for my home and my life as well, but my lack of organization in pretty much every facet of my life are keeping those three things from me.   So, I’m going to tackle the topic over the next 31 days.  Every day.  For the next 31 days.  Straight.

So, here’s the deal. I don’t really have a plan.  Because, you know, I’m not organized.  At all. I have 29 minutes to hit publish on this post, or I will have already missed the first day of the challenge.  That would be so me.  I’m going to start with a list of the things in my house/life that need some order.

1.  Kitchen – re-organize the plates, medicine cabinet area, junk drawer

2.  Living Room – organize the tv components

3.  Hall closet – declutter and tidy

4.  Family Room – Declutter craft area

5.  Downstairs bath – Utilize the closet in a better way

6.  Bedrooms – CLothes organization/closet doors

7.  Upstairs bath – Organize closet

8.  Basement – clean and organize

9.  Garage – clean and organize

10.  Finish projects – hang chandelier in dining room, finish hutch painting, hang family room curtains….  there are a million things that could be on this list

11.  Finances – follow budget, collect all outstanding, nagging bills and make a plan, follow up on reimbursements for health bills

12.  Kids – organize kids papers, schedule activities, play dates, homework organization,  chores,

13.  Paperwork – organize important papers

14.  Cars – clean/organize cars

Alright, that looks like a good place to start.  Tomorrow, a plan!


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