#write31days – Organize the Fridge

This was a very hard post to right.  First of all, it’s not really about organizing.  It’s really about cleaning.  I really didn’t want to show the before of my fridge.  It was gross and I’m embarrassed.  I was going to say I didn’t take a before picture.  I was going to completely ignore the before and just show the after.  But, really, if I did that, every time I thought of this post, I would feel a little ashamed for being fake.  So, I’m going to show the nasty fridge.  Because in the end, it’s clean now and that’s what it’s about.  It’s where you end up, not where you started, right?

Fridge Before

Fridge After

I still need to spend a little more time scrubbing the very bottom of the fridge, underneath those bins, but it’s so much better.  This took about 30 minutes.  And if you’re concerned that a family of four is living on that amount of food in the fridge, don’t be.  We are a shopping almost every day and eat what we cook family.  Well, at least my husband is.  There’s a scrap of lasagna left and a couple of chicken wings from the meals we made the last two nights and there are some veggies in the drawer.  Sandwich food, some drinks and condiments and we don’t really need much more.  And we don’t keep our fruit in the fridge.  If we do, it doesn’t get eaten.

Now that you’ve seen the before and after, you can trust my ability to clean things, so I’m going to share another tip:

Quick Cleaning Tip #3

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  • Undercoverdiyer

    Oh God, you know after you hit publish and then you go look at the live post and it’s like, oh my god, everyone in the world can see that fridge if they choose to. What have I done?? Glad to have some bad fridge solidarity!

  • Undercoverdiyer

    I wrote a totally funny reply to both of your comments and I don’t think either one went through! It was something to do with refrigerator stock pot solidarity… Anyway, comments like these make my day, week, month… Thanks!