#write31days – Organize the Hall Closet & Winter Coat Shopping

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about a simple redesign of the hall closet that has really worked for us.  I took out the hanging rod and put up command hooks for coats, added some baskets for seasonal stuff and the closet became way more functional.  A couple of weeks ago I also added an over the door shoe organizer and that has helped a ton, too.  There’s one problem with the closet.  It’s totally un-photogenic.  Look:

Hall Closet


See what I mean?  Yuck.  And boring, too.  I’ve decided instead to do a round up of awesome coats from H&M for winter!

"Must Have Coats from H&M"

Fake Fur Jacket Boucle Jacket

Wool Blend Coat Fringed Coat

Quilted Jacket  Cotton Blend Biker Jacket

I can turn anything into shopping.  You’re welcome.

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