State of the Blog Address – October 2014

During my #write31days challenge I laid out some goals for my blog.  One of those goals was to have a monthly update on the state of the blog.  I think it’s important to do for two reasons.  First, I love finding blogs that share information about their stats and monetizing.  It’s hard to figure out as a fledgling blogger where you should be and how many followers you should have and how much money you should be making.  And, second, I like the accountability it gives me for reaching goals that I set out.

Goal #1

Create a schedule of posts

Result – Not Achieved – I thought about this, but I never actually sat down and wrote something down.  This will be on the list of goals for November.

Goal #2

Increase social media presence/followers

Pinterest – Increase from 376 followers to 400 by 10/31

Result:  Achieved!  406 followers at the end of October.  I’m very excited about this.  I am way to into my Pinterest stats

Awkward Pinterest Moment

Twitter – I’ve just begun the whole Twitter experience. I’m way behind the times on this, I know.  I have 23 followers right now, I’d like to be at 35 by 10/31

Result:  Not Achieved – I got close, 33 followers.  I need to work on this.

Bloglovin – WordPress followers – I have 23 blog followers.  I definitely want to increase this.  I’m not sure how to accomplish this, but I’ll be doing some research on this.  I’ll be happy to add one new follower by 10/31.

Result – Achieved! – I added one WordPress follower, for a total of 24 followers.

Goal #3

Implement new potential revenue streams – I use adsense now and I earn an average of 37 cents a day.  I’d like to ad one additional ad network by 10/31 and sign up with one new sponsored post site (I’ve signed up with Izea, but no luck yet).

Result – Not achieved.  I think the #write31days zapped all of my time and energy for blogging in October.  This will carry over to November.  That means for now, my only little revenue stream is from Adsense:

  • Adsense October – $8.58


Take better pictures – I’ve got a great camera, I really need to learn how to use it.  I’d like to set aside 30 minutes each week to practice and/or study tutorials for DSLR pics through 10/31.

Result – Achieved – I don’t know if I did a full 30 minutes each week, but I did work on creating and editing pics all month.

Goal #5

Network a Little – I’m REALLY introverted, even in this basically anonymous on-line world I’ve created for myself, but I do love getting and giving comments on things I really like and I want to do more of that.  I will comment at least once daily on another blog that I love.

Result – Not Achieved – This needs work. I don’t see instant gratification on this one, but I know it’s important.  And the small relationships I do have with a couple of fellow bloggers are a lot of fun!

Goal #6

Improve the look of the blog – One thing I’m not happy with is the font of the blog.  I’ve fallen in love with Geo Sans Light and I want to figure out how to use something similar in all of the text of the blog – due 10/31.

Result – Not Achieved – Basically, I just never got to this this month.

November Goals

Goal #1

Create a schedule of posts – I have sort of a rotation of topics I like to cover, but it would make life easier if I could plan ahead and have an idea of what I was doing on a given day.  Due 12/1

Goal #2

Increase social media presence/followers

  • Pinterest – 450 Followers – Due 12/1
  • Twitter – 45 Followers – Due 12/1
  • Bloglovin & WordPress – 25 Followers – Due 12/1

Goal #3

Implement new potential revenue streams

Goal #4

Network with other bloggers – 5 comments/week and research Blog groups – Due 12/1

Goal #5

Update the font of the blog – Due 12/1

Goal #6

Increase page views. – October total – 5,315 views – November Goal – 6,000 views – Due 12/1

Monthly Blog Stats and Goals

hellocasualnsunshine -392-72