Why I Love My Christmas Tree

Why I Love My Christmas Tree

I decorated my tree.  I’m going to share what I love about it with you.

Christmas Tree 3

I love that my kids decorated it with me and my son sang Christmas carols while we did it and then he and his sister sat down and read the Christmas story out loud.  Together. I swear.  No joke.  They REALLY did that.  One of those moments when you know at some point you have done something right as a parent.

Reindeer and Christmas Tree

I love this guy watching over the tree for us.  So the cats don’t knock it down while they’re trying desperately to get to the crazy juice that is the water in the tree stand.

Red Ornament

I love that it is perfectly imperfect…

Oblong Ornament

And sometimes just perfect.

Closeup Crystal

I love that this beautiful crystal (which I totally pilfered from my transformed black chandelier, along with like 7 million of its brothers and sisters that are also on the tree.  Not fun when it comes time to take down the tree) can sit just next door to this guy:

Kid Ornament

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