DIY Ornament Wreath

I’ve been slowly making progress with the Christmas decorating.  I’m planning to be done approximately one day after Christmas.  Today, I tackled the mantel.  I have my upcycled yard sale mirror that I LOVE, but it is not very Christmasy, so I had to get a little creative with the color scheme for the mantel.  I decided to make an Ornament Wreath with some sparkly mini ornaments from Five Below.  The ornaments were $6 total for 2 packages, so this project comes in at a whopping… $6.  That’s right, everything else was free!

DIY Wreath


Assorted ornaments – this small wreath took 24 small ornaments

Wire Hanger

Greens from your yard


Coordinating Ribbon

1.  Undo your wire hanger.  This took a little muscle, but the neck of the hanger will untwist so that the hanger part of the hanger is no longer twisted together.

2.  String your ornaments onto the wire hanger.  You will have to work the ornaments over the twisty part of the hanger a little, but if you give them a little flick, they will twirl themselves through the twisty part.  This will make sense when you are doing it.  It’s kind of fun.

3.  Continue adding ornaments until you are satisfied with the size of your wreath.  Truthfully, I would have liked a bigger wreath, but I ran out of ornaments.  You will use way more ornaments than you think you will.  I ended up improvising the greens in the next step because I was so low on ornaments

4.  Use wire to attach your greens to the hanger. I attached mine at the top, but they could go at the bottom or along one side.  Totally up to you. I cut my greens from a bush in front of my house.  100% free.

5.  Wrap a pretty bow on the wreath with your ribbon. I used a pretty fat and satiny ribbon and I like how it looks.  I also attached a loop of ribbon to the top of the top of the wreath so that I could hang it.

Here is the wreath in it’s final spot on my mantel:

Holiday Mantel Wreath Centerpiece

And here is a shot of the whole mantel:

Holiday Mantel Wide



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