Flea Bites

I found a new flea market and I’m obsessed with it.  The guy that runs most of the booths cleans out estate sales and then sells all of the unwanted stuff.  It’s like the circle of life for tchotchkes, art and lamps.  And I love it all.


These were the first things that caught my eye.  How pretty are these?  I love the frames.  I love the paintings (drawings?).  They were large and I totally wanted them.  They were $25 each.  Which I think was an ok price, but not in my budget.



And you know the embroidered birds were right up my alley.


No, not the Absolut candles.  The crystal candlesticks.  So pretty!


Where can this fit into my life?  I may need to redecorate the whole house around this bench.



And these lamps were the last finds of the day.  I really wish I had grabbed the ceramic one.  Super unique.  Would it go with the yellow bench, though?

What did I bring home?  Nothing!  We just bought a whole house of windows and 4 tires.  So, I cried all the way home.  Damn you, drafty windows and bald tires!


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  • C.Lem (creativeclementine) | March 10, 2015 | Reply

    Oh my GOODNESS I am so so so in love with your first find. They are like modern urban Oriental watercolours! So jealous. 🙂 I am from too small a town for flea markets.

    Also, yes. Redecorate everything to make that bench work. Every room needs a little sunshine!

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