DIY Simple Spring Wreath

I have a first to announce.  This is the first craft project I have done that I had sore muscles from.  But it was totally worth it!




The sore muscles were my shoulders and they were sore from the repetitive motion of wrapping yarn around the wreath form.  For like 40 minutes.  Not easy, folks.

Here is what the before of the wreath looked like:

Fall Wreath - Burlap, Gourds and Feathers 3

I ripped that poor guy apart.  You know I’m going to want to make a new one in the fall anyway, so no harm done.  Except to the wreath.  That was really harmed.

Bright Spring Wreath

So a quick tutorial on how to take a wreath from fall to spring without spending more than $2.00.  Yes, this cost me $2.00.  Crazy, right?



Yarn in the coloring of your choosing (Free cause I already had some, but at MOST $6 if you don’t happen to have any yarn and if you don’t have any yarn, SHAME ON YOU!)

Felt Flowers ($2.00, fifty cents each for four sheets of felt, 3 in flower colors and 1 color for the center, like yellow)

Glue Gun

Wreath Form (you can buy one of these pretty cheap at your craft store, or rip the burlap off of your old one like I did OR you can use a stinkin pool noodle!  Google it!)

1.  Wrap your wreath form in the yarn of your choice.  Pretend that you are training for the crafting Olympics and you need mad shoulder muscles in order to kick crafter butt and win the gold.  That’s so silly.  I didn’t pretend that at all.  That would be ridiculous.  Seriously, it takes about 30-40 minutes to wrap the whole thing.

2.  Use these instructions to make your felt flowers.  These are time consuming as well, so you might want to break this down into a two night crafting extravaganza.

3.  Pick where you would like to place your flowers on your wreath and hot glue them on.  Tada!  Done.

I thought about adding something, a bunny, a bunting, an initial…  But I really like how simple this is.  It suits me.



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