Upgrade Your Headboard with a Shower Curtain

I did a quick update to my headboard. With a shower curtain.  Yes, I’m fully aware of how insane that sounds.

Headboard Slipcover from Shower Curtain TEXT

So, where did this crazy idea originate from?  Well, it really starts way back when I bought the original headboard 7 years ago.  It was chocolate brown and tufted.  I think I ordered it on-line from Target for a couple hundred dollars.  It was fine. There’s nothing wrong with it.  It was just sort of blah.  There is a lot of beige and chocolate brown in the bedroom and I wanted something else.  Here’s a before shot for you:


Cut to a few weeks ago and I found this shower curtain on clearance at Target.

Threshold Shower Curtain Dark Blue Space Dye Lattice

It’s $19.99 right now, but I’m pretty sure I got it for less than that…  I ended up buying two, so I spent some amount less than $40 for what would become my fabric for my headboard slipcover.

Once I had the fabric home, it was just a matter of lining it up so the pattern matched and wrapping it around the headboard. I will be staple gunning it to the headboard at some point (like, when I buy a staple gun), but it’s actually doing a pretty decent job staying put as it is.  What I think is a very lucky benefit of using a shower curtain as a headboard is that it is sort of a different material than regular fabric.  I mean, it’s not plastic, but there is definitely some type of coating to it that I think will make it super easy to clean.  The old microfiber one was actually a pain to clean.  It collected dust and it just looked dingy at times.

Headboard Slip Cover

Oreo loves it, obviously.

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