Smoothie, Anyone?

Mixed Berry Smoothie

So, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I haven’t updated my Fit By Forty page in many months.  And, yes, forty, has already arrived and is nearly halfway over.  Goal not achieved.  I’ve left the page up as a silent mocking of myself every time I look at the site.  It’s not that I don’t think about getting healthy every day, it’s just that there are many, many days that I just ONLY think about getting healthy and don’t actually take any action.  But, last week, I made a small effort.

Last week, I tried a smoothie detox diet.  I had never tried a smoothie before.  Never mind an entire smoothie diet.  I’ve always had a million mental barriers to doing the whole smooth thing.  Not a million exactly, more like three.

Top Three Smoothie Myths

1.  I thought smoothies would mean cutting up fruit and buying weird stuff.  So not true.  I use frozen fruit with no added sugar and almond milk.   Almond milk is a little weird, but you can find it right in the milk section at the grocery store.  Basically, in the morning, I grab a couple of handfuls of frozen fruit, toss them in the blender, add enough almond milk to almost cover the fruit and blend until smooth.  So easy.  Literally takes maybe three minutes.  The one pictured above is the mixed berry frozen mix and almond milk. Yum.  Sometimes I add a banana if I’m feeling ambitious.

2.  I also wrongly thought that I would be hungry after drinking a smoothie for breakfast and/or lunch.  Also not true.  I’m not sure if it’s the almond milk that’s filling me up, but I’m just as full after drinking a smoothie as eating oatmeal for breakfast.  I’ve also had smoothies for lunch a few times and have felt equally full, however, not OVERLY full like I usually do after eating a take out lunch at work.

3.  I’m not a huge fruit eater.  But I really enjoy the taste of smoothies.  It’s taken a little trial and error to find my favorites, but I really love the berry mix and I enjoy strawberry banana as well.  I’ve even added some baby spinach to a few and while it destroys the beautiful color of a berry smoothie, it doesn’t really affect the taste at all.

Now that I’ve leapt over the barriers my mind built against smoothies, my plan is to replace one or two meals a day with a smoothie.  So far I’ve found it easy to replace breakfast and fairly easy to replace my weekday lunch, however, I’ve allowed myself to have two regular meals on weekends.  I’m going to give myself another wethieek and see if there is any progress on the scale.  And I will update next week.  I 99% guarantee it.

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