House List Update

A while back I posted a House Tour with before and after pics and a check list for what we want to do for all of the rooms on the first floor and the exterior of the house.  I thought it would be fun to revisit the list and see what kind of progress I’ve made.  This may just be fun for me, I understand.  Most people don’t like looking at their own to do list, never mind a strangers.  If you enjoy crazy before pics and would rather skip the to do list update, check out the House Tour page.  Every time my husband looks at the before pictures he wonders out loud how I convinced him to buy this stuck in 1964 colonial. I remind him that I had a vision of what this house could be and then he rolls his eyes at me.  It’s fun.

The Exterior


1.  New siding  – Not done yet, but we have a quote (20k! GULP) and we are almost ready to do it…  This will be done this fall and I promise I will post about it.  It’s a huge expense, but like the kitchen gut job, it is a one time deal for us.  And when that one is done, it should be the last of the super expensive projects for us.

2.  New windows –  DONE!  We replaced every single window in the house this spring.   It was expensive, 8k total, but they look really beautiful and I am so excited to see how warm the house is this winter with windows that actually close all of the way.  Novel idea, right?  I will include the windows when I post about the siding because they are looking slightly unfinished at the moment.

3.  New garage door  – Not done, but we will have to do this once the siding is done or we are going to have a huge eyesore in contrast to the brand new windows and siding.

4.  New stairs, porch? – Not Done – A small front porch is definitely on the list, but I think it will probably be pushed to the spring.

5.  New deck (out back) – Not Done – We need a deck!  No, actually, we really WANT a deck.  Maybe while we do the front porch?

6.  Numbers for garage and house – Not done.  Why, you ask?  Because I forgot it was on the list.  Oops.

7. Outdoor lighting – Not done.  I would love to have this done before Christmas.  We have zero outdoor outlets which means our Christmas light display is super lame.  Plus we really need to update our front door, garage and lamppost lights since I think 1 out of 4 of them work right now.

8.  New roof – DONE!  Another big expense off the list!  8k, but it’s done and we will never have to do it again.  Huge relief.

9.  Landscaping – Not done – This wasn’t on the original list, but the yard needs serious help.  Grass won’t grow because we have 30+ pine trees surrounding the house.  We have a few areas in the yard that are really overgrown with junk that just keeps coming back to haunt us every year.  The yard could be really cool, but it’s totally overwhelming to us.

The Roku Room/Parlor/Living Room


1.  Rug – Not done and I don’t think I will do this. I have accepted the fact that we are just not rug people.  Way too many things that are spilled and/or brought in on our shoes for rugs.  I’m giving up the dream.

2.  Switch out the light – Not done.  I had a vision the other day of what I want for that light, so I will be on the hunt for it.  I will definitely be doing a post on that when it’s done.

3.  Restyle the side tables – Not done – This one should be fun, but I haven’t gotten on it yet.  I’ll have to do some searches and pin some inspiration.

4.  New shades for the lamps – Not done.  Sensing a theme here?  This one is pure laziness.

5.  Paint the window frame – Not done – This is a new to do since the new windows were put in.  My carpenter brother built us some pretty cool molding, so this will be a fun after that I will post someday.  When I motivate myself to paint them.

6.  Fun wall hanging for above the sofa – Not done, but the tapestry post  I did a while back is still in the back of my mind.  This may be happening soon…

The Kitchen



1.  Add missing molding (Can you find the missing molding? – Not Done – This will probably never get done. It’s one of those little annoying things that no one else even sees and it requires ordering things and it has no wow factor.  I think this will be on the list forever.

2.  Window coverings – Not Done – I’ll get to this.  Just not sure when…

3.  Light above sink – Not Done – I look at lights for above the sink all the time, but nothing has jumped out at me as “THE ONE”.  So I’m happy to wait until I find Mr. Right Light.

4. New Door – Not Done – This is an addition to the list that I just decided on right now.  The old door has seen better days and I feel like it sticks out like a sore thumb in the new kitchen.  Plus it will be the door to our someday deck, so I think I’ll want something with more glass

5. Finish Painting – Not Done – Also not on the list and not pictured above, but there is a spot in the kitchen that needs to be sanded and painted.  It’s needed to be sanded and painted since we finished the kitchen, almost two years ago.  Oops.

The Dining Room


This room didn’t have a list in the House Tour Post, but there are a few To Do’s here.

1.  Paint the baseboard heaters – Not Done – This will probably take all of an hour when I finally sit myself down to do it.  So, just do it already.

2.  Sideboard – Not Done – I want to get some sort of piece of furniture in here that will serve as a buffet and provide storage.  I would love to buy some old junker and DIY it.  My favorite yard sale in the world is this weekend, so perhaps I will find something there!

3. Dimmer switch for chandy – Not Done – OH MY GOD you could land a plane with the lights from my chandelier.  They are out of control bright.  I just realized this pic was taken before we hung the chandelier.  Here’s a post about the chandelier I DIY’d.

4.  Replace the flooring – Not Done – The floor in here is missing a huge chunk from when we ripped out a built in bookcase and there are pet stains on it, too.  So gross. Some day.  Soon.

The Living Room

LR Progress

I need an updated pic of this room.  I haven’t gotten it quite right yet because I keep wanting to change everything.  This is more or less how it looks now.  Minus the gallery wall above the chaises.

1.  Curtains or other window treatment – Done and then undone.  I made curtains and then I took down the curtains and used them to cover a chair.

2.  Fireplace makeover – Not done.  Needs to be done.  Badly.

3.  Area rugs – Not done.  I know I said two paragraphs ago that I’ve given up the rug dream, but I still have a DIY in my head for this.  Maybe some day.

4. Pillows – Done!  You can see them when I update with an after pic.  Some day.

5.  More or better storage – Not done – but #6 on the list will hopefully take care of this.

6.  Window seat (some day!) – Not done – I have sort of a bench seat with storage for the back of the room in mind.

Ok, so that is all of our Living spaces.  I need to seriously get on the ball because there were barely any DONE!’s in this list.

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  • Your kitchen is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see everything you have planned!!