Free Printables to Help you Prep Your Best Thanksgiving Ever


Somehow it is suddenly literally two weeks before Thanksgiving. How did that happen?  I host some of my extended family at my house and it is a LOT of work.  But I really do enjoy it.  Don’t listen to my husband.  Yes, I may have a major meltdown on the day of, but it’s totally worth it.  AND, I plan to be super organized this year with these free printables I created so that I am prepared for the Best Thanksgiving Ever!




I love to be a tiny bit fancy at Thanksgiving and menus are totally fancy.  I’ll print this out the day of and write in with my very best hand writing the menu for the day.  Pro Tip, Don’t write anything on the menu until you’ve tasted it.  If it happens to be a fail, you don’t want it mocking you from your menu.

To Do List



If you’re like me, you might need to print several of these.  I don’t just cook for Thanksgiving.  There’s cleaning, crafting, decorating, hanging light fixtures, painting and all sorts of other random things that suddenly jump to urgent status on my to do list.

Grocery List



I’ll probably need to print at least two of these guys.  Pro Tip, try to organize your grocery list by aisles.

Cooking Schedule



I need to have a plan on a stressful day.  This cooking schedule helps a ton with keeping the stress low.  I’ll probably end up adding in non cooking related items like setting the table or brushing my hair just so I don’t forget those important items.

If you would like to print these handy organization tools for your Thanksgiving celebration, please do!  Just click the image, download it to your desktop and print it out to Full Page size.  Happy planning!

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