3 Easy Fireplace Makeovers

My fireplace looks like an angry, gaping hole in the middle of my otherwise bright and colorful family room.  It’s been on my to do list, for oh, let’s call it 9 years.  I have found a few options that look fairly painless, so I’m going to make a choice and get it done.  I need a good house project to jump start Spring, so help me pick which option, ok?  Here are 3 Easy Fireplace Makeovers that even I could do.

  1.  Whitewash the Brick

    Up first is whitewashing the brick.  I love this after picture from Cleverly Inspired.  If I were to whitewash my brick fireplace, I would want it to come out exactly like this one.  It’s the right amount of whitewash while still being able to tell what color the brick used to be.  This project seems to be the easiest and definitely the least expensive.  I already have white paint and water comes right out of my kitchen sink!  Hop over to Cleverly Inspired for the full tutorial.

  2. The German Shmeargerman smear 5

    You’ve seen it on Fixer Upper!  This is actually my favorite aesthetically of the three options.  I’m a little worried, however, that because there isn’t a true technique to it that there is the danger that it will come out really bad.  All of the tutorials I have read so far involve, well, shmearing mortar on and then taking it off again.  Wherever you feel like it needs it.  That can go amazingly well, or it can end in disaster.  I do think that this is the one my husband would most approve of.  He’s actually a fan of the red brick and this technique would leave some of the red for him to enjoy.  I’m not sure why he enjoys it, but to each his own.  There is a good tutorial on Recaptured Charm and also one from Jenna Sue Design Blog.  This should also be an inexpensive option.  It’s only $10 for the bag of Mortar that you use.

  3. AirstoneAirstone Fireplace Makeover | Faux Stone | The Lettered Cottage

    This one is my favorite in terms of dramatic difference.  It looks beautiful and is quite a change from red brick.  However…  It is far more expensive ($60 for 8 sq ft and you have to buy the Airstone mortar as well.  Not entirely sure whether that would cover one fireplace or not.  Because Math.) and it only comes in two colors.  Why, oh why, Airstone would you only make gray and beige?  How awesome would a white-ish faux stone be?  I mean, I like the gray/blue but it would definitely completely change the look and feel of the entire room.  The fireplace is, after all, a focal point of the room and I know that if I install this, I will then want to re-paint, buy new furniture and stain the floors.  And if I paint and stain in here, well, how then am I supposed to leave the paint in the kitchen?  And so on and so on.  If there were more of a white stone, this would be my first pick.  Hands down.  I’d totally shell out the $60+. The Gray stone above is from A Lettered Cottage, but there’s a great tutorial available from In My Own Style, picture below, and she used the beige stones.  Which the more I look at, the more I’m convincing myself they could be considered white-ish.  Someone remind me that I’m wrong.  Maybe I need to see these in person.DIY Stone Fireplace MakeoverAlright, everyone, I’m leaving this in your hands.  What is the right choice?  Help me, please.  I beg you.


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