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Super Cute DIY Easter Bunny

I’m about to kill you with cuteness.  Remember the little Valentine Monsters I made in February?  Well, I’ve been dying to make an Easter Bunny.  So, I did.  And you can, too!  Here’s the little guy: Is he too cute for words or what?  If you remember back when I Read more →

Repurposed, Upcycled, DIY, Watercolor, Canvas ART!

I made art.  I repurposed and then I added a touch of upcycle, a dash of DIY, a hint of watercolor and I made art on a canvas.  Feeling pretty good about me right now.  Here it is: Pretty, right?  I think I’ll keep tweaking it, but it’s a start. Read more →


Ok, so, I’m a little panicky.  I had what was supposed to be a quick impromptu post yesterday to accept my Liebster Award (still basking in the glow!).  So, I put off my little project I had planned til today.  Remember this from My Fave’s this Week? It’s so fresh and Read more →

DIY T-Shirt using Sand Paper (which is almost like a tool)

Sometimes I feel guilty that I call this blog Undercover DIYer.  Let’s face it, I’m not much for the power tools.  If it involves something scarier than a drill, I’m calling my carpenter brother.  When I found this craft that involves using sandpaper (and an iron which plugs in so, Read more →

Pinterest Successes

I’m not a Facebook person.  I don’t Tweet.  A young man asked me if my kids use Snapchat, indicating, clearly, that I am too old for Snapchat.  Some of these things I’ve passed on because I find it creepy to follow near strangers daily activities.  Others just haven’t captured my Read more →

My Funny Valentine Monster

I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader. It’s so against my character. I’m introverted and it’s a challenge for me to engage a dozen nine year olds. I’m not organized, at all, so it’s a challenge to keep track of when meetings are, what activities should be done and who Read more →