Dollar Store Pumpkins Three Ways

Don’t worry, I haven’t already given up on the #31days challenge. I’ve been working on some cute pumpkins and I wanted to share them in a quick post.  I’ll be back later tonight with my 2nd installment for my organization challenge.

Dollar Store Pumpkins Three Ways

Cute, right?  Each pumpkin was $1, obviously, and I scrounged the rest of the stuff from my craft pile.

Burlap Bow Pumpkin

I made this with some leftover fabric and burlap.  I basically just wrapped the fabric around the pumpkin and secured it with an elastic.  Then I burlap bowed it.  Done in 15 seconds.

Golden Pumpkin

This guy is wrapped in golden duct tape.  Then, I hot glued a spare glass knob for the stem.  Fancy, huh?  He took about 4 minutes.

Paper Jack O Lantern

And this little dude is decoupaged with some torn up pages from a book.  I used a sharpie for the jack-o-lantern face.  This took a little longer, maybe 20 minutes and then drying time.

Oh, and those creepy birds are from the dollar store, too!

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  • The gold duct tape pumpkin is my fav! The knob is genius! You know I love my glam 🙂

    • Undercoverdiyer

      Thanks! The knob was leftover from my mirror necklace display DIY. I actually found my coppery craft paint after I finished the three pumpkins, so I may have to get one more and see what the paint looks like on it.
      I just got my 31 days post in! Phew…