Too Easy Three Ingredient Fudge

I discovered something disturbing this weekend.  I’m not really sure that I should I share it. But, I guess knowledge is power and it’s already out there all over Pinterest, so here goes.

You can make fudge with three ingredients in the microwave.

3 Ingredient Fudge

Terrifying, I know.  With very minimal effort and time spent, you get fudge.  I remember making the fudge recipe off of the Fluff container and I’m pretty sure that it required double boilers and lots of stirring over a hot stove.  This recipe requires dumping things in a bowl, pressing buttons on the microwave and minimal stirring.  Also one hour of waiting for the fudge to set up, which might be the hardest part of the whole thing.


1 14 oz can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 Bag of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 tsp vanilla

1.  Pour the sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl.

2.  Microwave for 1 minute.

3.  Remove from microwave, add vanilla and stir to combine until all of the chocolate is melted.  Microwave additional 30 seconds if necessary.

4. Pour the chocolate mixture into a square, parchment paper lined baking pan.

5.  Refrigerate for at least 1 hour to set the fudge.

6.  Lock your refrigerator with a timing lock that only allows you to open it long enough to take out one piece of fudge every 24 hours.

Too Easy Three Ingredient Fudge


This was really, really good.  I really want to try to figure out how to add a coffee flavor to it to mimic the Espresso Fudge I get at my favorite fudge place, Kellerhaus, in New Hampshire.  And once I figure out espresso, maybe I’ll try mint, and then pumpkin and then whatever else I can think of.

What I love about fudge, other than the fudge, is that this makes a great holiday snacking dessert and also a great handmade gift.  Pop these into  tin and you have a great holiday gift for your kids teachers or hostess gift.



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