How to Make a Bed

Okay, my title is a little misleading.  This post is more about how to make a *cozy* bed, which for me, means it’s sort of not made.  The perfectly made bed for me looks a little rumpled and completely unfussy.  I am a lover of function over form first, so you will not see frilly throw pillows whose only function is to be tossed off the bed at night and then returned to the bed in the morning.  That makes zero sense to me.  I get it that some people love a perfectly made bed, but that’s not me.  Here’s what makes a perfectly cozy bed looks like for me.

1.  A fluffy comforter

Drift to sleep in plush comfort and warmth with this premium white duck down duvet comforter, suitable for chilly nights.:

How cuddly and cloud-like is that?  If I’m in bed, I want to feel totally enveloped by the covers.  This does it for me.  My daughter has a stuffed cat that is called Mr. Fluffywuffykins.  I want a comforter that is worthy of that name.  Actually, she also has a bear named Cuddle Killer.  That would work, too.  The comforter above is out of stock at the moment on Overstock (irony, anyone?), but I will keep my eye out for this to become available again.  My current comforter is not in this thing’s league.

2.  Neutrals

I love this tufted bed with white bedding and white quilted pillows & silver decorative pillows.:


I’m a fan of white sheets and some type of mostly neutral bedding.  In general, I’m a color everywhere kind of gal, but for the bed, I like something mind numbingly off white, maybe white, but that might be a little harsh on the eyes.  Neutral is soothing and does not make any signals to my brain that might say, “You should stay up all night thinking about crazy ideas!  That sounds fun, YEAH!”.  That bedding above just told me, “Shut off your computer and go to bed.  You know you want to”.  Touche, bed.

3.  No decorative anythings.


I’m looking at you, cute pillows at Target with rhinestones and giant sequins.  Yes, you are adorable and I think about buying you every time I see you.  But, no one can convince me that putting my heady down on a sequin pillow is going to be comfortable.  Not happening.

4.  Park your bed near a window.

Dreamy bedroom:

There is something magical about feeling the sunlight stream in on your face while you are lying in bed.  And lying in bed and watching it snow outside is the epitome of contentment.  I wouldn’t necessarily jam my bed right up against the window, but it has to be within sunlight ray distance to my face.

5.  Add some texture

luxury in the small spaces // LILI CLASPE:

A chunky knit blanket would work as texture, but I vote for some type of faux fur texture.  I need something that has no possibility of itching and a knit blanket would worry me about possibly being itchy.

6.  A dark, moody paint color on the walls around your bed

This isn’t really part of making a bed, but it is definitely part of the cozy factor.  I don’t have dark walls in my bedroom, but I’m strongly leaning towards  it.  This is so dramatic and rich.  It feels indulgent.  That’s the feeling this dark wall color gives me.  Just like sleeping in on Sunday or taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

And with that, I bid you good night!

How to Make a Cozy Bed


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