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Sneak in a Workout

“Sneak in a workout” is what my husband says when he wants to run to the gym for an hour or three and work out and play basketball.  While I’m not always a fan of the length of time he spends at the gym, I am a fan of the Read more →

Back to Basics pt. 2

Yesterday I laid out a basic plan for tackling daily and weekly chores.  Just enough to keep the house in decent shape. Nothing too fancy.  Just the basics.  Today I want to do the same, but this time for keeping my body in decent shape.  I look back at this Read more →

I Need to Move

Not from my house. I need to move around. I need some type of spirit to overtake my body and make me into one of those people who enjoys exercise.  I did a little googling and found some things that I hope might help. She looks like she’s totally enjoying Read more →

Redoing the Temple – The Update that is not an Update

Can someone explain to me why if I have been exercising consistently for the last 2.5 weeks that I have not lost an ounce (unless you count when I let my heals hang a little off the edge of the scale)?  In fact, when I weighed myself this morning, the Read more →

Redoing the Temple

Just kidding, it’s more like an abandoned warehouse.  But it was once temple-like.  It was strong and graceful and flexible.  What am I talking about? My body.  The temple metaphor is not working, but there was a time (20 years ago) when I had faith in my body.  I was Read more →