Bedroom Bones – The Befores

In my title for this blog, I proclaimed, “the real before pictures”.  Yesterday, I posted a picture of the inspiration for my master bedroom redo.  But I didn’t post any befores.  Truthfully, we had a stomach bug and a massive cold in the house and there was no way I would post that hot mess.  But, today, I’m going to do it.  I’m going to post the sad state of affairs, the reason I call this blog “Undercover Diyer” is because the current state makes me want to enter the decorators witness protection program after I show these.  Also, I should join a support group for horrible homemakers.  But that’s a post for another day.  (It may even be an entirely different blog).  However, being the glass half full kind of gal I am, taking the pics today helped me notice some of the things I do like that are in this room.  They might be hidden beneath piles of laundry, but there are a few there.  So please, remember what your mother taught you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, make something up.  That’s right, just flat out lie.  Really.  I won’t be able to take the criticism.   Here’s the Before, Before (as in before we lived here this was the pic on the real estate listing.  Sadly it is probably better than our before):


(Don’t you love the two twin beds in the master bedroom?)

First of all, I should say, the room itself is a generous size.  It spans the front to back length of the house and has two more than ample closets.  So I don’t have to share a closet with my wonderful, handsome, five tool softball player husband (in case he ever stumbles upon this).  Now, I’m not going to actually show you those closets.  They are a redo all to themselves and I’m not including that in what I hope will be a somewhat quick sprucing up of the Master.  There are also four lovely windows which sadly don’t provide much light because the 30+ pine trees in the yard block the sun like an evergreen dome.  Those are the bones of the room.

The left side of the room currently holds my husbands dresser and an exercise bike.  Pause for giggling.  No one here rides an exercise bike!  What is that even doing there?  Anyway, I do love the dresser.  It fits both of the categories of serves a function and is pleasing to my eye.  It also matches my dresser which you’ll see below.


In the middle of the room is the king size bed.  Not looking so hot at the moment as there are pillow cases and pillows being washed at the moment after the stomach bug ripped through the house, but sticking with my positive attitude, I will say, it is large and the headboard  is going to look lovely recovered in some creamy-licious fabric.  And I do love my quilt.  The inspiration has a white-ish duvet, but I definitely want to incorporate the quilt in the finished product.


The right side of the room is home to the little white couch.  Yes, it’s right there.  Just look under the piles of laundry and the adorable little boy and you’ll see it poking out.  At least a small corner of it is there, about the width of my butt as I wrote this post while sitting on it amidst the laundry!  The little couch is cute and a good scale for a bedroom.  It is a Klippan from Ikea and it’s fairly comfortable.  So another check in the column for things I like in the room.


Directly across from the bed you will find my dresser, just as handsome as her taller counterpart across the room.  There is also a lovely hurricane lamp and I’ve always kept two pictures on that dresser that I love.  They are of my and my husband’s wedding bands posed in a dictionary on the definition for love and a shot from above at our wedding ceremony.  They probably would love a new frame, but these are definitely something I love. And to any youngsters reading the blog, next to the dresser is something called a tube TV.  This is what TV’s looked like in the olden days.  They were fat electronic dinosaurs that were so heavy and bulky you pretty much never moved them once they found a home.


Hurricane  WeddingPicBeforeRingPicBefore

Ah, and how can I forget to mention the window coverings.  What can I say about the window coverings?  They are white.  The are hung on lovely rods thumb tacked to the window frame.  They block out the light filter the little sun we get so we can have peaceful slumbers wake up with the sunrise (0k that’s totally untrue.  We could sleep through helicopter search lights glaring through the windows).  So some type of window coverings will be on the to do list.  For sure.

So, now you’ve seen it.  All I can say is that the after can do nothing but blow you away!

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