I started a blog a few months ago.  And then I stopped.  I had many reasons why I stopped.  I needed a new camera because my pictures weren’t very good.  I didn’t have time for projects.  I kept starting things and never finishing them.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to blog about home stuff, food stuff, lifestyle stuff or all of it.  AND if I was going to blog about all of it, when would I do what?  Home stuff on Monday, food stuff on Tuesday, lifestyle on Wednesday?  Then what do Thursday and Friday get?  I wrote lists of things I wanted to blog about and I pinned countless things I wanted to blog about.  I got stuck in the planning mode and couldn’t move into the doing mode.

I’m back now and writing, so what changed?  I got me some inspiration!  There were four things that came to me in the span of just a couple of weeks and that kicked my butt into gear and made me remember why I wanted to do this in the first place.

Thing 1


I found these two plates while on a weekend getaway with my family in New Hampshire. They were the last two in the cute little gift shop/ice cream place/candy shop (Kellerhaus, Laconia New Hampshire.  Best candy shop ever, hands down.  And I know my stuff.  If they had a website I would provide a link, but they are old school, yo.).  The colors drew me in.  We’ve almost completely finished the kitchen and we need some color and these little guys were perfect.  I adore them.

Thing 2


I know.  I can’t believe how adorable this is either.  And there is a full set of six of them!  I got them at a great consignment shop called Fiddleheads in Canton, MA.  Something was beginning to come together in my head.

Thing 3


Ok, this one is a little hard to grasp if you’re not seeing it to scale, like with a couch in front of it so you can understand how gigantic those flowers are.  This is wallpaper.  And the entire thing is like 8′ x 12′.  So that center flower, the pinky/orange one is huge.  I promise an after picture of this once it is hung so that you can get the full awesomeness.

Thing 4


Right now, I want our home to be nurturing.  A place of learning and learning how to learn.  A safe place to practice taking risks.  A place to come back to.  A place for laughs and for connection.  A place where you don’t have to pretend you are perfect.  A place to let your guard down. A place to just be.”

This pic and quote are from a truly inspiring blog called the Nesting Place.  The author reminded me that things don’t have to be perfect.  Sometimes you just have to start, ready or not.  It reminded me of a post I wrote myself not too long ago.

I’m back in the game.  I’m getting back on the bicycle.  I’m dusting myself off and doing it.  Perfect or not.

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