From Chaos, Order

My hall closet was constantly a disaster.  It is a decent size, a shelf on top and a rod across for hanging coats.  But, somehow, nothing ever ended up hanging on the rod.  It just ended up piling up at the bottom of the closet. The only thing that seemed to function in the closet were the two Command hooks for the kids back packs and the big hook that we could hang one or two coats from.  Here is the best before shot I got (my hallway is narrow!):

Closet Before3

So, when I saw this on pinterest, I had a “Duh!” moment:

Take out the rod and put in Hooks. This way the coats will get hung up.


If the hooks were the only things that were working, why not dump the rod and throw up a bunch of hooks!

I did just that.  I bought a bunch of Command hooks, an over the door 4 hook hanger and a tap light at Target.  There were no power tools or any tools at all involved.  Just a bunch of sticky velcro thingies!  So easy.  Well, easy except for the actual cleaning out of the closet and then refilling it.  That was the hardest part.  And now, it looks like this:



I put a big basket on the top shelf for wrapping paper and some of the kids outside toys and I added a small table to hold a basket of accessories (mostly winter hats and gloves).  Now, it has only been a total of two days with the reorganized closet, but, so far so good.  The kids are hanging up their coats (they like that they each have their own side) and the back packs are still on their hooks and now there is plenty of room for the parents coats, too!  Fingers crossed, the organization gods will smile on us and this will last!


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