Inspiration for the Master Bedroom

I have whatever the equivalent of writers block is for decorating in the master bedroom.  It’s really a disaster.  I think it’s so bad that I can’t even really find anything inspiring because I can’t get past the disorganized mess that it is.  I think maybe if I can address some of the problems with the room, then I might be able to start to see past the clutter.

Problem #1 – The Laundry Dumping Ground


This is what it looks like when the laundry is actually neat. It gets way worse than that and it spreads to all of the other surfaces of the room.  I cannot for the life of me figure out a system that works. When I find myself searching for a “system”, I remind myself that the problem is probably a bit of laziness.  Yes, I am a mother, a wife, a forty hour a week worker and a girl scout troop leader, but I still have to find time to put the laundry away.  Period, end of story.

My discipline is a work in progress

Problem #2 – No doors on the closets

I don’t have a picture of this.  When we bought the house it had sliding double closet doors which I hate with a passion that is uncommon.  I ripped them down soon after we moved in.  It’s almost seven years later and there are still no doors on the closet. This is a bad idea for two reasons.  The doors block out the inevitable clutter that is a closet.  A closet is a closet.  It’s meant to hold the stuff you don’t want to look at all the time.  The doors ALSO provide a great place to store stuff.  Check these ideas out:

Single-Door Closet          Live large and make the most of this small space. In this closet, a simple self-assembled shelving unit provides loads of adjustable space for folded T-shirts, jeans, and sweaters, while also accommodating boxes and baskets filled with camisoles and undergarments.Can't believe I gave away the other hat hanger just like this one :-(   21 More Practical Bag Storage Ideas | Shelterness

Fashion scarf organizer inside closet door (over-the-door towel rack)

I don’t have that many purses, but all of that stuff above, is currently on the floor and spilling out of the closet into the bedroom.  If I put doors on the closet, I would have two new surfaces to put stuff on.  That would help a lot.

Problem #3 – Uncomfortable Bed.

I can’t lie.  The bed is on the floor.  No frame, nothing.  The frame broke months ago and I haven’t gotten a new one.  That’s bad.  Seriously. I’m 38 years old.  What am I teaching my children?  In all seriousness, I am teaching my children that I don’t put myself first (I would never want them sleeping on a mattress on the floor if I could help it) and that I’m lazy.  Plus, it’s not comfortable.  At all.  This needs to get rectified, like tomorrow.  Writing that down made me realize how sad it is.

Those are the three big boys. I think if I work on getting these things taken care of, I will be able to concentrate on the aesthetic.  If you’d like to see more of the bedroom, check out this post, which, oh my God, is exactly a year old!  Time to get on the stick and do something about this.

Here’s what I’m day dreaming about:

master bedroom retreat |

Han's Luxury on a Budget My Bedroom Retreat Contest

Apartment Therapy - Bedroom Retreat - Back in Black

A Gallery of Art Above the Bed

I also want my new bedroom to come with that dog.

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