What I Made This Week

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend!  Can I use Easter as an excuse for not cooking much?  Well, technically not “cooking” anything at all, unless you count microwaving bacon.

I did whip up a delicious wrap sandwich, however.

VIA Peace Love and Low Carb

These low carb Turkey Club Pinwheels from Peace Love and Low Carb were a great lunch.  They had a very mild flavor and would suit many palettes.  I made them twice last week and the first time I stuck strictly to the recipe.  The second time I used blue cheese dressing instead of Ranch.  This upped the flavor profile a bit.  I would also consider adding something with a hint of spice, like banana peppers, maybe.  I like these because you can use your imagination and make lots of different combos.

Ok, but my favorite thing about these was the fact that I made them at work and I cooked the bacon in the MICROWAVE!  People, I had no idea that in 40 seconds bacon can go from being completely raw to completely cooked.  Does anyone know how dangerous this is??  Here is the scenario playing out in my head. I feel like a snack.  Peruse fridge.  Find a packet of bacon.  Throw a couple or six pieces in the microwave.  Eat. Repeat.  I know bacon is low carb and paleo and everything, but that doesn’t trick me into thinking it’s actually healthy to eat something that exudes that much grease while cooking.  It is an “in moderation” thing, right?  I’m going to need to develop some serious will power or destroy all microwaves in a five mile radius.

I can’t wait to test out more recipes from Peace Love and Low Carb.  What’s your favorite wrap combo?

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