A Door to Nowhere

When I was day dreaming about what to do with the door I took off of Sir Hutchington, I called the post A Window without a View.  But it really is a door, not a window.  Regardless, I’ve finally settled on a transformation for the door/window.  It’s a combo of these two:

Iron Industry Mirrorupcycled window frame... Amy #1... maybe something like this...



I wanted to try to get an industrial feel and then add in the black and white photos.

Here is the before of the door:


I grabbed some spray paint that is supposed to give a “hammered” effect.  Not like, I had too many drinks hammered.  Like hammered metal.  One reason I kept putting off the project, though, was that I REALLY didn’t want to tape off all of the window panes.  Last night I thought of another way to tackle that.  It’s very scientific, I’ll try to explain it as simply as possible.

1.  Find the most recent H&M catalog that has been sent to you.

2.  Cut up the H&M catalog so that it fits into each shape of the window panes.

3.  Use a glue stick to tape the H&M catalog pages to the window panes.

There are so many better ways to do this, I’m sure.  For some reason, my brain felt that this was the easiest.  Here is what the door looks like properly pasted with H&M catalog pages:


I know what you’re thinking, just stop there!  It’s perfect!  No, I really want to see what pictures of my kids will look like in there.  So, I carried on and spray painted with the drunk hammered spray paint.


If the finished product doesn’t turn out, I could use it as a Halloween decoration.  Totally creepy.  Next up was to remove the now spray painted H&M catalog pages.


Remember my brilliant idea about adhering the H&M Catalog pages with the glue stick? Well, that allowed me to pull off most of the paper without a ton of mess left behind.  But I did still have to do scraping. Actually, I still have to do scraping.  I promised myself no more than 30 minutes of scraping in one sitting.  I estimate this project will be done in 2.375 months.


That’s four scraped and cleaned panes.  What do you think?  I’m not sold on the hammered spray paint, but I want to see it with some black and white photos in it.  I’d like to have an update for you tomorrow, but no promises.  The scraping is not fun.

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