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My precious baby boy turned 7 this week.  That’s insane.   I have a 9 year old and a 7 year old!  My son is obsessed with Minecraft and I wanted to do something Minecraft inspired for his cake.  There is a bad guy in Minecraft called a Creeper.  He looks like this:

One thing I love about Minecraft is that everything is made out of squares, so the images are pretty easy to replicate.  My first idea was to make some green frosting and some black frosting and then frost the cake in the image of the Creeper.  See how abstract that sounds?  It’s because I couldn’t figure out A) How to make black frosting and B) how to frost those shapes.  I had actually almost given up and bought a boring store bought cake when my eyes fell upon the Hershey’s kisses my kids got for Easter. Hershey’s Kisses are dark brown, almost black.  All I had to do was line em up in the shape of the Creeper face on top of the green frosted cake.  So not difficult!  Here’s how it came out:


Pretty, cool, right?  My son loved it and asked for it for his “friends” party next week, too.  Plus, it’s a box of Betty Crocker, a tub of frosting, green food coloring and Hershey’s Kisses.  Somewhere south of $10, I would guess.  A cheap store bought cake is north of $20 and if you want a fancy pants cake from a bakery, that’s like $40 plus.  I love the money savings, but I really love the feeling of having created something special for my son.

But, wait!  That’s not all.  I also made this:

Mexican Casserole - Allrecipes.com
Mexican Casserole via Allrecipes.com

This Mexican Casserole from Allrecipes.com was delicious.  Perhaps a little too delicious as I ate three pieces at 10:00PM on Saturday night.  Oops.  If you like Mexican and you need a quick and easy recipe, give this a try!


Flamingo Toes

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