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My door to picture frame transformation has inspired me to add some more beauty to the walls.  I’m always intimidated by this because I like the quirky one’s that have family pics, artwork and strange, quirky three dimensional objects all rolled into one.  But who has all that stuff lying around the house?  I thought if I pulled some inspiration together, I might get the creative juices flowing and be more ready to commit to buying or repurposing things.

Via Style by Emily Henderson


This is one of my all time favorite groupings.  It’s colorful, graphic and cohesive.  So, if I’m going to make a check list of what I want my wall to be, those things are on it.


I love this one so much.  I have a thing for birds and these pigeons are killing me.  This is a nice mix of quirky and then sort of traditional with that staunchy wall color and the rug.  I like that.

via Apartment Therapy

Here again is a good healthy dose of quirk in a traditional setting.  This is personality slapped on to the walls.  I feel like I almost know these people just by knowing that they made this choice.

via Fresh Home

The function of this is interesting to me.  It seems like it would be a very easy way to hang and change out pictures.

via Design Sponge

That vibrant blue is amazing.  Not something you see everyday and not something that will appeal to the masses, which I kind of  like.

via Love Grows Wild

This one has the great quirky objects added in that I love.  More personality and sentimental-y type stuff. I like that there is more dimension in this too.

via An Ordinary Woman


This one is very me.  It’s colorful, a little crazy and a cool shape.  It also looks sort of effortless which I enjoy.


The scale of these frames almost begins to look like architecture instead of just frames.  Great way to add character to a bland room.  Not that this room was bland, but I might have a bland room that could use some character.

PicMonkey Collage


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