Last Day Of School

Today is the last day of school for my kids.  I’m not going to get all sappy about it.  I love the summer.  I can get up later in the morning, the days are longer and there’s no homework so I have more fun time to spend with them and I just have fewer responsibilities in general.

I do, however, still have to go to work.  While I’m working, my kids spend a lot of time at their grandparents.  Which is awesome.  They get totally spoiled, they can go swimming and just generally chill out.  I know it’s hard to believe, but the chilling out does sometimes lead to the dreaded phrase…

Boredom Buster Bags

To minimize the boredom, this year, I came up with Summer Boredom Buster Bags.  I presented them to the kids this evening:

Boredom Buster Bags2

I packed the bags with a few different outdoor activities, some indoor activities and even some school related stuff:

Boredom Bag Contents

That’s giant badminton, frisbee golf, horseshoes (tucked in the back), water squirters, paint by numbers and some writing materials.  The idea is to pack a few things in the bag each day that the kids will be able to access on their own with limited intervention.

On any given day, the bag should have:

  • One outdoor toy
  • One indoor toy (like a board game from our stash)
  • One book
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • One notebook

The kids will have instructions to play a little, read a little, write a little and eat.  My hope is that the kids will take it upon themselves to entertain themselves which will take a little bit of the burden off my parents to keep them occupied.  Win win!l

And, before I forget, all of the stuff in the bags and the bags themselves, are from Five Below. If you are not familiar with Five Below, you need to get familiar with it.  It’s the greatest store for fun kid stuff ever and everything is $5 or less!!!

What are doing to keep the kiddos occupied and happy this summer?

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