DIY Yarn Christmas Tree

***This post contains affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission!***           Every once in a great while the craft gods shine down upon me and something turns out seriously awesome.  As in, I can’t believe that thing was born from my hands.  Tonight, friends, was one of those nights.


The journey to that quirky adorable Christmas tree started with a pin I found many months ago.

Новый год 2013 ручной работы. Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа Родом из детства. Handmade.


The link goes to what I think is like the Russian version of Etsy.  I had to have one and I wanted to make it.  Here’s how I did it.


Step 1:

Create the curve for the top of the tree using the wire hanger.  Attach the curved hanger to the cone with duct tape.  Then, cover the hanger in duct tape.



Step 2:
Attach the brown moss and then the green moss to the bottom portion of the tree using the floral pins.


Step 3:

Begin wrapping the yarn around the tree. This part takes a little trial and error. I didn’t want to wrap the yarn too tight, but I didn’t like it too loose either, so I did some wrapping and unwrapping before I got it exactly right.  I wrapped sort of forward and back toward the top to give the parts that were on the hanger more of a rounded shape.

Step 4:

Attach your ornaments. I used little clusters of balls and one ornament for the tip.  I got them at Michael’s.  I got everything at Michael’s actually.

Supplies for DIY Yarn Tree

I clipped the little pink purple and green balls off of those clusters and use their little wire stems to stick them through the yarn and into the styrofoam cone.  I had to use my trusty glue gun to attach the ornaments to the top part of the tree where they wire hanger is.

And that is it.  Very simple and adorable.  I’m off to make 700 more of them.

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