Handmade Gift – DIY Felted Wool Necklace

Remember the felted wool fall decor I tried out?  Well, I’m back with another felted wool craft.  This one is a cozy little necklace that would make a fun hand made gift.


Call me crazy, but I adore how fuzzy those little felt balls are.  Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this was a quick craft.  Believe it or not, it’s not super easy, either.  Unless, of course, you just buy already made felted wool balls and string them together.  But where’s the fun and sense of accomplishment in that, right??


Wool Roving in various colors (I got mine here)

Dish Soap

Hot Water

Needle & wire to string wool balls

Clasp for closing necklace

Step 1:  Follow this fantastic youtube tutorial from Rachael Greenland to make your felted balls.  The hardest part about making the balls is getting them to be a somewhat uniform size.  You can try to use the same amount of wool for each ball, but I found that different colors seemed to contract differently than others.  I don’t know if that is a scientific fact (prob not), but my advice is to err on the side of too small and then you can add on a little more wool if you need to.  I strung 14 balls onto my necklace and it took me a few hours to make those balls.  Luckily, Step 2, the last step, takes about 30 seconds.

Step 2:  Using a needle and thread or wire, string the balls together and attach your clasp.  The wire I bought would not cooperate with my needle, so I ended up using thread and then precariously tying the thread to the clasp.  Not the most secure, but it will do.  You could also attach ribbon and tie this necklace closed. I think that would be gorge-y.

felted wool necklace 2

I love the warm wintry colors and the cozy look of the necklace.  I also love that it’s completely customizeable.  Pick whatever wool colors you like and you have a unique and personal necklace.

Here’s my model wearing the necklace:

felted wool necklace modeled 2

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