5 Fabulous House Plants

5 Fabulous House Plants

I’ve decided that for the Bedroom Year I’m going to tackle the bedroom starting in one corner and then work my way around.  I’m going to start with the corner where I want to add a plant.  Mostly because that feels like the easiest place to start and I am so not motivated when it comes to house stuff right now and I’m hoping that this will give me a kick in the pants.   Step one in adding a plant to a room… Pick out a plant.  Baby steps, people.

Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides). Nature is so creative.

This is a Chinese Money Plant.  I think it’s absolutely stunning.  It can take low light, which is what I have.  I haven’t been able to find many places to buy it on-line, but what I’ve found has been in the $10 range for a small pot.

Below is a Philodendron.  These guys are pretty fool proof.  As in, this fool can’t kill it.  They grow like crazy and the leaves are pretty.  I was thinking something with more height, though, so I don’t think this one is a contender.  Maybe somewhere else in the house.


DIY Decor Trend: Elevated Plant Stands

Plants that are easy to keep alive and are safe to have with cats!

This one is a type of Palm that I found on Thrifty Décor Chick .  It reminds me of my hair in the morning.

Below is a snake plant, but I would like to call it something else or I fear I will not be able to buy it based on the name alone.  I love the variations in color and the height.  It’s supposed to be un-killable, too.  I read that it can be ignored for weeks at a time.  Sounds like exactly the amount of care I can offer.  This is a strong maybe.

8 Indoor Plants You Can't Kill - well, you can but it'll take more effort.

BOSTON FERN - The plant’s benefits go beyond the aesthetic: the Boston fern acts as a natural humidifier, absorbing common air pollutants and releasing water vapor.    The best way to care for your fern is to simulate its native tropical woodland. Hang it by an east or north-facing window as ferns like moderate indirect light. Water very often and keep the soil moist but not soggy. Mist frond


This is a fern.  I love the shape and the texture.  I also love the dark green color.  This is what I’ve had in mind all along and I think I’ll probably land on this, but I’m going to do some in person shopping before I make a final decision. Hoping to have that little corner of the room done this weekend!

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