DIY Super Sparkly Earrings

What do you get when you mix polymer clay with sparkly nail polish?



Super sparkly jewels for your ears, that’s what.  Boom.


Supplies for Sparkly Earrings

Small amount of polymer clay – I used white clay

Sparkly Nail Polish

Sharpie Paint Pen in Gold (or silver, your choice!) (optional)

Earring posts and backs

Gorilla Glue or other super sticky glue

Step 1:  Mold your polymer clay into the size and shape you would like for your earrings and bake them as directed on the polymer clay packaging.

Clay Earring Before

Step 2:  Paint your earrings with the sparkly nail polish.  Allow to dry overnight.  My coat of nail polish was a little thick, so I gave it all night to dry.

Painted Earrings

Step 3:  Attach the earring post with the Gorilla Glue and allow to dry

Step 4:  Holding the earring post, paint the edges of the earrings with your Sharpie paint pen.  If you want.  These look very cute with just the nail polish.

Step 5:  Allow to dry.  I held the earrings by the post for a little bit until the paint dried a bit and then left them on a plate to dry

Step 6:  Wait overnight before you wear them so that the glue and paint have completed dried!


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