Affordable Spring Jackets

Spring has made an appearance in Massachusetts! Snow is melting away and it is finally time to shed the giant down parka I have been engulfed in all winter.  At least for a few days.  You know what spring makes me want to do?  Shop!  Obviously.  Just like all of the other seasons do.  I’m definitely in need of a lighter jacket for spring.  It was nearly sixty degrees when I left work tonight and I drove with the jacket OFF!

spring jackets by bethjustin518 on Polyvore featuring Jacqueline De Yong

Clockwise:  Green Military Jacket, Beige Trench, Hot Pink TrenchPink Sweater/Jacket

My criteria for a spring jacket is that it can go from work week to weekend and screams “Spring!”.  These four definitely do that for me.  The green is nicely structured and a military style jacket always reminds me of spring.  The classic beige trench is beautiful and timeless.  But, I think the winner will be one of the two pink options.  I like the light pink sweater/coat because it seems like it would be very versatile and also cozy and comfortable.  And the hot pink trench is that great mix of traditional with a little wow factor.

And I almost forgot my biggest requirement for a spring coat (or anything else for that matter)… It has to be affordable!  All of these are under $60!  I can’t lie, though, $60 is too much for me.  The two pink jackets are less than $35 which makes them all the more lovely

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