The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Ok, quick post.  Really sort of a public service announcement.  Father’s Day has to be one of the most difficult holidays to buy a gift for. This year, I have the perfect gift to get your dad person in your life.

Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener - 1 ea
Can you guess what it is?  That is the Razor Pit Razor Blade Sharpener.  I’m linking to, but you can find it at other on-line retailers, so Google it if you want to price shop.  This is not a compensated post and I don’t do the affiliate link thing.
Ok, so basically, it’s a big hunk of rubbery plastic. You lather it up a little with shaving cream or soap and then you take your razor and run it down the flat surface a few times.  It cleans and sharpens your razor blade.  It extends the life of the razor blade and gives a far closer shave than a razor you have used a few times.
I gave this to my dad a couple of Christmas’s ago and he raves about it.  He says that a blade that he would normally use for days, he can now use for weeks. He worked for Gillette for many years and is sort of a razor blade snob.  He uses the super expensive blades, so it’s a great cost savings for him.
I, of course, am far more thrifty and use the super cheap disposables and the razor sharpener works just as well on that.  It basically feels like you are using a blade the first time every time you sharpen it.  What I really love about it though, is that I feel like I’m using a clean, fresh blade every time.  You can get some nasty problems from using a rusty or not clean blade and that freaks me out.
The Perfect Father's Day Gift


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