10 Reasons to Visit Lake Winnipesaukee

I am fresh off a 4 day mini vacation to my absolute favorite place in the world, Lake Winnipesaukee in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire.  I am obsessed with this place and I think you should be, too.

10 Reasons to Visit Lake Winnipesaukee

1.  It’s drop dead gorgeous. Beautiful Lake WinniEven on a bad weather day it’s stunning.  We happened to have a lot of bad weather on this short trip.  Here’s another pic from last years trip with some sunshine: Sunset from the Condo 2.  No worries if it rains. Funspot Dear Nerds, if you haven’t made your pilgrimage to Funspot, you may need to turn in your nerd card.  Fun Spot is the worlds largest video game arcade and home to the American Classic Arcade Museum.  There are hundreds of retro arcade games and pinball machines that you can play for hours on end.  There are also tons of ticket games for those of you who may be into more of the Dave & Buster’s style arcade, indoor mini golf and bowling.

3.  Griddle in the Middle Griddle in the Middle Griddle in the Middle is like breakfast meets hibachi.  Basically, you are seated at a table with a griddle built into the middle of it.  You get all you can eat pancakes with your choice of fillings.  Then you cook your pancakes on the griddle!  I know what you’re thinking, I didn’t go out to breakfast to make my own breakfast.  I get it.  But we had a lot of fun with this!  And the pancakes were delicious.  They also had amazing homemade maple syrup.

4.  Jump in the lake! Go Jump in a Lake Even at the end of June, the water was only chilly. My kids had no trouble jumping right in!

5. Catch some fireworks.   Fireworks

I’ve never been a huge fireworks fan.  The noise is a little much for me.  However, the fireworks we saw from the deck of our little condo were amazing.  The show was put on by the hotel next door and we were literally right underneath the fireworks.  It was absolutely incredible.

6.  Stay here.

Condo outsideSpeaking of our little rental condo, it is the best location, bar none, in Laconia.  It’s right on the water with a nice sandy beach and a dock.  The interior is well appointed and modern (not a wisp of knotty pine) and it’s just right for our family, plus one.  Well, maybe a tiny bit small for five people, but very cozy.  There is a beautiful deck for watching the boats parade past as they head through the channel and out into the open lake.  And it’s about a 7 minute walk to the boardwalk at Weirs Beach. Click the pic for more info.

7.  Stroll down the boardwalk.


The boardwalk is a classic.  There are old school arcades, souvenir shops, restaurants and a gorgeous view of the lake and mountains.

8.  Brunch Aboard the Mt. Washington

M/S Mount Washington on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH

Sunday was a yucky weather day and we decided it would be a nice day to cruise the lake while brunching on the Mount Washington and listening to some live jazz.  Sounds fancy, right?  Slightly fancy, but still very low key in true Winnipesaukee style.  In addition to the food and tunes, you will be treated to views of some jaw dropping vacation homes.

9.  Kellerhaus

Kellerhaus is my favorite gift & candy shop. Ever.  It’s not *just* the espresso fudge, either.  They have locally made goods and specialty cheeses and homemade candy and it’s all set inside this super cool former vacation home.  Don’t miss it, but skip the make your own sundae and save your calories for the fudge.  Trust me.  And, on a side a note, if you have a chance, strike up a conversation with someone that works there.  Most of the workers are here from other countries just for the summer and they are fascinating people.

10.  Sit. Relax. Breathe.


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