Four Binge Worthy Shows for this Summer

I made nothing this weekend, no fun projects, no recipes, no crafts, nada. This left me with lots of time to check out some new shows on television.  Good news, the shows I watched were AWESOME!  And you should be watching them, too!

Reality TV

Stop watching the Housewives and the Kardashians and start watching Bomb Patrol Afghanistan.    It airs on G4, but I caught a few episodes of a marathon on Esquire this weekend.   This show is high stress.  You are riding along with the guys who are patrolling for bombs in Afghanistan.  The juxtaposition of these every day American dudes in this hyper-intense setting is gripping.  It gives a tiny glimpse into the world that our soldiers are living in and a frame of reference for why it is so difficult to readjust to life at home.


I love me some BBC mysteries.  Sherlock?  Check.  Luther?  Check.  My newest obsession is Tatau.  It’s a mystery, set in the Cook Islands with some British humor thrown in.  The episodes are quick and this is totally binge-worthy.  I’m almost looking forward to a rainy Sunday so I can veg out and finish this mini-series.

Home Décor

Tired of HGTV’s Fixer Upper?  Ok, me neither, but when you have no new episodes of Joanna and Chip to entertain you, flip to the DIY Network and watch Salvage Dawgs.  Robert and Mike are almost as cute a couple and the premise is fascinating.  They salvage beautiful woodwork, hardware, windows and whatever else they can find of value from old homes and buildings.  I love it for many reasons.  I love that they are preserving history.  I love watching them uninstall this stuff that has been standing for hundreds of years.  And I love to see how they transform some of the pieces they find.  They are pretty funny in a hokey way, too.  Its good wholesome fun!


If you’re not watching Odd Mom Out, put your phone down, click On Demand, go to Bravo and watch the first episode.  I’ll wait for you.

Back?  Ok, I hope you laughed as much as I did.  I totally relate to Jill.  My life is a watered down version of hers.  I’m totally that mom that is never able to quite pull it all together.  But, in the end, I’m kind of fine with that.  And I’m obsessed with her ridiculous sister-in-law.  She’s totally over the top, but then suddenly she’s kind of exactly right on about certain things.

Alright, what are you watching that I’m missing out on??

Four Binge Worthy Shows for this Summer




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