The Great Tapestry Debate

I have a question to pose to you all.  Has the tapestry gradated from the dorm room?  I have a room in my house that is very dark and I’m feeling much too lazy to paint it.  I’d like to inject some color with something big, bright and lightweight.  I present to you my tapestry picks.  Let me know yea or nay on the great tapestry debate in the comments.  All of these tapestries are from Society 6.  Click the pics to purchase.

This is my favorite and I would be placing the order if it weren’t for the dark, saturated colors.


This abstract mountainscape is closer to what I’m looking for.  The colors aren’t too loud and there is a lot of light and bright here.

And this pastel floral is too pretty for words.  I don’t think I could put this in the room next to the dining room wallpaper, though.

 Seriously?  Where can I put this guy?  Probably not the right option for the first wall you see when you enter the house, but there’s got to be a spot somewhere, right??

And I like this moody blue, but not exactly what I’m looking for.

These are my colors, but again, not right for the spot I have in mind.

The Tapestry DebateSo, what say you?  Has the tapestry graduated from the Dorm Room?


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