DIY Solid Perfume Locket

On occasion, the great crafting fairy bestows upon us a craft that is as close to perfect as possible.  Today, friends, I have one of those for you.  What I’m about to show you is the holy grail of crafts.  It is beautiful AND useful.  It is inexpensive and it uses limited resources.  It is also an upcycle of an item I found at the thrift store.  I love everything about all of those things.

So, what am I talking about?  It’s a Solid Perfume Locket.  Or, a locket filled with solid perfume.  Here it is:

DIY Solid Perfume Locket

Here’s how you make it:

Step 1 – Go to the thrift store and get a locket.  Or, scour your mother’s jewelry box.

Step 2 – Gather your supplies:

Materials for Solid PerfumeBeeswax

Essential Oil

Coconut Oil


2.  Melt together 1 T of the beeswax and 1 T of the coconut oil.

3.  Add in your essential oil to the melted oil/wax mixture.  1 to 2 droppers full should be enough.  Start with 1 dropper and add more if you like a stronger scent.  Mix well

4.  Use a small spoon to add the melted wax to the locket.  This takes a tiny bit of patience.  You have to hold the locket flat until the wax starts to set or it will spill or puddle. Unless your locket happens to have a flat bottom that will allow the locket to lie flat.  I actually held mine flat in the freezer for a minute or two until it was solid enough that if I put it down it wouldn’t spill.  That seemed to do the trick.

5.  Apply your solid perfume using your fingertip.

After you’ve made one for yourself, how great would this be as a totally unique and custom gift for a friend?  Or teacher?  Or your daughter who is starting to get into jewelry and perfume and it’s kind of freaking you out?

Locket with a Surprise - DIY Solid Perfume Locket


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