One Room Challenge Update – What I Learned from Painting My Walls Navy Blue

Ok, I’m still in the One Room Challenge.  I know it’s only the second week, but congrats to me for not giving up!  My first item to check off my list of to do’s was to paint the bedroom.  Technically, I can’t actually check it off the list yet because it’s not completely done yet, but it’s close.  So, I wanted to share this week what I learned from painting my walls navy blue.  The color that I chose for the walls is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.  It is a true Navy blue.

What I Learned from Painting My Walls Navy Blue

What I Learned From Painting My Walls Navy Blue

  1.  As soon as I started painting, the first thing that jumped out at me was how much taller the ceilings seemed against the navy blue in comparison to the beige walls that I hadn’t painted yet.  I’m not sure what the science is behind that, but it almost seemed like an optical illusion; the difference was that dramatic.
  2. While the dark walls might make the ceiling feel taller, I can confirm the rumors of dark walls making a room feel smaller.  I like to refer to it as cozier.  I’m good with this because my master bedroom is oddly large and it helps make it feel less cavernous.
  3. The navy can go very nautical or it can go more moody bohemian depending on what type of whites you pair with it.  So far, the molding on the windows is bright white and it looks super crispy and preppy.  On the other hand, the new bedding that I got is more like a winter white and it has more of that moody vibe.  I’m leaning more toward that moody vibe, so I’m planning to pull in more of those warmer whites.
  4. Navy blue is hard to photograph.  The picture above is really not doing the color justice.  The actual color is closer to the blue in the caption of the photograph.   I had some great bright sun when I took the pictures, so I was hoping to get a true representation of the color, but the picture is reading more greenish than it is in real life.  I’m planning to mess around with different lighting and take more pictures now that I have lugged the camera equipment upstairs.
  5. The best thing I learned from painting the walls navy blue is that you should never be afraid of trying something dramatic.  It was no harder to paint the walls this dark color than it would have been to paint them light.  I had nearly full coverage after two coats and just lightly touched up with a third.

In other One Room Challenge news, I did a little accessory shopping at the local thrift store and found some great brass items that I want to use as accents.

Brass Elements

I got five frames and a brass planter for $25.  Score!  I had that gorgeous painting from another thrifting adventure.  It was $5.  And the little brass apple was in a little grab bag of stuff from the thrift store, too.

Brass Elements Close Up

I’m finally getting excited about how this will turn out instead of just feeling overwhelmed by how much work is ahead of me.  I can’t wait to update next week!



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