I Tried It – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure

***This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one and buy a product, I may receive a small commission***    My son had to have some dental work that required him getting anesthesia this year.  The anesthesiologist told him that the mask would smell funny, kind of like when Mom does her nails.  I realized in that moment that my son probably had no idea whatsoever what Mom doing her nails smells like.  So sad.  I love painted nails, but I hate going to the nail salon because I find it super awkward to sit across from someone and hold hand with them and not have a clue what to talk about with them.  I just can’t do it.  I have one of those gel manicure light kits and it’s fantastic, but it’s kind of an ordeal to get the whole process completed.  What’s a girl to do?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure

I decided to give the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure a try.  It does not require a UV light and it is only two things that you apply to your nail, the color and the top coat.  I had read some good reviews, but honestly, I had low hopes that this would actually work.  I’m pretty rough on my nails and any at home manicure (including with the gel light!) only lasted about 3 days.  I was so sure it wouldn’t work out that I put it off for quite a few weeks because I thought it wouldn’t be any fun to blog about how my manicure didn’t work out.

Well, guess what?  It worked!  I am on day 6 of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure and it is the first day with a chip!  To be honest, I was getting kind of antsy to try a new color at this point, so I was kind of happy that it was time to start again.

I Tried It -  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure - 6 Days of Wear


On the sixth day there is a tiny chip on my pointy finger, but you can barely even see it without a close up:

close up

See?  Teeny.

The process for getting this gorgeous manicure is simple.  You apply two thin coats of color and then one coat of the top coat and then let it dry.  That is the only downfall of this system that doesn’t use the UV Light.  You do have to wait the traditional waiting time for your nails to dry.  I did mine while I was watching The Challenge on MTV and they were basically dry by the end of the show.  The kit I have that uses the UV light gives completely rock solid, dry nails after using the light, but it takes about 37 steps to get to that point and really, ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m so excited about this, guys!  I haven’t bothered doing my nails in years because they were always ruined in just a few days.  To know I can get more like a week out of this manicure and to have it done in three easy coats is awesome! Off to paint my nails Gold.  Oh!  And my toes!!  Don’t forget the toes!


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